Lorentz Center - Scientific Advisory Boards
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    Scientific Advisory Boards

The Lorentz Center strives to host innovative and timely workshops of high scientific quality. Our advisory boards play a key role in this. The opinion of the boards is decisive in issues involving scientific content and is leading in the scientific policies of the Lorentz Center.

The scientific advisory boards are charged with:

  • Informing the Lorentz Center of emerging topics and significant developments in their respective fields.
  • Providing feedback and advice on scientific strategies and policies of the Lorentz Center.
  • Acting as ambassadors by promoting the Lorentz Center in relevant fields and stimulating researchers to organize a Lorentz Center workshop.
  • Evaluating workshop applications. The boards are asked to assess the merit and timeliness of the scientific case, whether the format and program suit the workshop goals, and what the relevance is for the Dutch scientific community (because the Lorentz Center is funded by the Dutch public). The NIAS-Lorentz advisory board also evaluates the nominees for the Distinguished Lorentz Fellow and the NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group proposals once a year.

Currently the Lorentz Center has eight scientific advisory boards:

Computational Science
Life and Medical Sciences
NIAS-Lorentz collaboration; covering the Social Sciences and Humanities

The members of the scientific advisory boards are active scientists. The respective chairs determine the size and composition of each board, and decide on its specific operating procedures. Membership is typically for a period of 5 years.