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It has come to our attention that some of our invited participants have been contacted by third companies about their stay during our workshops. Please be aware that this is a scam.

Please ignore any emails and calls from companies or travel agents and DO NOT complete forms or give personal details. The Lorentz Center is not affiliated in any way with travel agents. The only way for our workshop participants to reserve a hotel room is to contact their workshop coordinator.

Hotel reservation:
On behalf of workshop participants, the workshop coordinator of the Lorentz Center reserves a hotel room at Hotel Van der Valk Leiden once the participant has registered for the workshop.
A confirmation will be send approximately 6 weeks before the start of the workshop.

Room rates:
Please contact the Lorentz Center.

Route from the hotel to Lorentz Center:
From Hotel Van der Valk Leiden it takes about 20 minutes to walk to the Lorentz Center. From the hotel you cross the bridge and walk straight ahead. You will cross the busy Plesmanlaan at the traffic lights, and carry on along the Ehrenfestweg (bus lane/cycle path). Turn left into the Einsteinweg passing the disk-shaped building there, after which you turn right into the Niels Bohrweg. From that point you will be able to see the characteristic slanted Oort building on the right hand side of the street and the Snellius building on the left hand side. (see map).

Hotel Van der Valk Leiden
Haagse Schouwweg 14, Leiden
phone 31-71-5731731

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