Lorentz Center - How to get to the Lorentz Center
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    How to get to the Lorentz Center

The Lorentz Center@Oort is situated on Niels Bohrweg 2 in Leiden. It occupies the 3rd floor of the Oort building.

The Lorentz Center@Snellius is situated at Niels Bohrweg 1 in Leiden. It occupies the 2nd floor of the Snellius building, just across the street from the Oort building.

From Schiphol Airport

  1. By train
    Schiphol Train Station is located directly below the airport, at Schiphol Plaza. Trains to Leiden Central Train Station (direction Den Haag or Vlissingen) depart every 15 minutes and take about 20 minutes. You could buy an e-ticket online or buy a single-use smart card at the train station. The easiest is to find the NS service counter to buy you ticket or use a NS ticket machine, both located in the arrival hall. A one-way train ticket costs € 5-10. Time Table
  2. By taxi
    A taxi stand is located directly outside the arrival hall at Schiphol Airport. A one-way trip to Leiden costs € 50-60.

From Leiden Central Train Station

From Leiden Central Train Station there are four possibilities to get to the Lorentz Center:

Click here for a map of the route from Leiden Central Station to Lorentz center, including bus stops.

  1. On foot
    Leave the train station via the 'LUMC' exit. Walk along the Rijnsburgerweg and at the first roundabout you turn left to the Wassenaarseweg. Keep walking along the Wassenaarseweg until you could turn left to the Niels Bohrweg, where both of our venues are located. It is a 30-minute walk from the train station to the Lorentz Center.

  2. By taxi
    Leave the train station by exit 'Centrum'. The taxicab stand is located on your left. A one way trip to the Lorentz Center costs € 10-15.

  3. By bus
    Leave the train station by ‘Centrum’ exit. The bus station is located directly outside the train station on your right hand. You could take either bus 43 (direction Den Haag) or bus 57 (direction Nieuw Vennep). It’s about 7 minutes to the Lorentz Center by bus. You can check in with an OV chipcard or you can buy a ticket in the bus (payment by credit card or debit card only). A one-way trip costs € 4.


    Bus 57
    Get off the bus at bus stop ‘Wassenaarseweg/Corpus’. Cross the road and you will walk straight into the ‘Niels Bohrweg’.

    Bus 43
    Get off the bus at bus stop ‘Universiteitsterrein’. Walk along the ‘Einsteinweg’, passing the red UFO-shaped building on your right hand and at the end of the road turn right into the ‘Niels Bohrweg’.

    You could also use bus 43 to get from a the train station or Lorentz Center to the Van der Valk hotel. For the hotel you get off at bus stop ‘Haagse Schouw’.

    The timetables changes every so often, to check the latest timetable use this link.


  4. By car
    If you are using GPS Navigation Systems go to the Ehrenfestweg in Leiden. If you don’t use GPS Navigation, please plan your route here to find the latest description. Because of long-running constructions this might change from week to week.

    The parking lot in front of the Oort building is temporary not accessible.

    Please use the parking lot at the Ehrenfestweg (see map). To gain acces, please use the intercom and mention that you are a Lorentz Center guest..